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Here at B.U. App. Corporation we have a list of services to cater to each and every inquiry you as our valued client could require. Take a look at our comprehensive list of services

B.U. App. Corporation is America's Newest and Largest Online Home Services Platform

GLAD YOU ASKED:- Here at B.U. App. Corporation, we have created a solution for bringing customers to the services they are desiring in the Health and Beauty Industry without searching multiple web sites for the one answer you are seeking. You could say we are "Your" One Stop Shopping Service as we customize those items you seek and desire in one easy and simple area.

HOW HAVE YOU DONE THAT:- We have created an state of the art digital platform full of only the Top Professionals in the industry to service each and all needs "you" as a client could desire and deserve and all from a Trained Professional who takes the hassle out of your need to travel to a minimum, as these services are conveniently delivered to your doorstep regardless of location, (Home, Work, or Venue), as it is our vision to empower millions of professionals worldwide to deliver these services direct to you giving you an experience like you have never witnessed before.


Accounting Service

This service will offer all matters with Accounting through your company to include: Payroll, Health Insurance Payments, Retirement Funds (I.R.A.), 401K Investments, Holiday Bonuses, Christmas Savings Funds (C.S.F.), and Tax Services that Include Sub-Contractor Payments, as well as I.R.S. 1040 Entries.

Security Services

To have a successful business, you need a successful security service and here at B.U. App. Corporation, we can set your business up with the latest in video and audio security that can even include C.C.T.V. (Close Circuit Television).

Affordable cost

Love is a special word, and I use it only when I mean it. You say the word too much and it becomes cheap.

Back Ground Checks

Safety is very important both to you and your company. Because protecting your customers is as important to you as it is to us. As such, B.U. App. Corporation will go through all the proper channels and venues to ensure that the person you are hiring, is actually the person you are hiring by doing full back ground checks on those in your employ you feel might require such, or throughout the entire company via Police Background Investigations, Sexual Offender Registry Hotlines, State and Federal Department of Corrections Searches, as well as any Public Records Search available including Photograph Recognition Searches. Safety is Job One.

Business Setup Services

This service will offer assistance with starting or restarting your new or old venture by assisting with the proper forms used in the registration of your business and I.R.S. Business codes such as E.I.N. Codes. It will also assist with obtaining the proper types of Insurance necessary for the hiring of employee's such as Worker's Compensation. Further this service will assist with getting your business off the ground through proper advertisement through all media outlets as well as stationary and business cards to make your presentations that much more alluring. With this service we will also be able to assist with Trade-Marking, and G.S.T. Registrations. We are here for you.

Information Technology Services

In today's market, the types of technology your company has can be the difference between making it and making it successful, that is why B.U. App. Corporation will get your business updated into the World Wide Web offering such services as Web Application Development, Domain Hosting Services, Server Management, Digital Marketing Services, Web Page Designing, and Mobil Application Development for your Cellular Customers.


Here at B.U. App. Corporation, cleanliness is a key to every service necessary especially in today's pandemic stricken world, that is why we offer the following cleaning services to protect our valued customers from any form or variant of COVID-19 and all the way down to the common cold with these expert cleaning services

Home/Office Cleaning

This service is exactly what it entails, all area's of your home or office that can include bathrooms, bedrooms, or personal offices in our out of the home. A feature that B.U. App. Corporation offers with our cleaning service is sanitation services. This will include light switches as well as door knobs. Your cleanliness is essential to our services offered.

Special Request Cleaning

This service will be offered for items not covered under the Home/Office Cleaning, in the event that your laundry is needed to be cleaned (even dry cleaning), your dishes, your blinds, your curtains (including shower), all furniture items, and even steam cleaning of carpets, tiled floors, as well as furniture items. Company Vehicles, Personal Vehicles, Farm Equipment, that's right, B.U. App.


Here at B.U. App. Corporation, we understand that Delivery and Transportation Service is key to any type of circumstance, that is why we are proud to offer to our valued customers the following in delivery services


This service is self explanatory with a twist. You are valued customer opt as to what "type" of transportation service you require, may it be as simple as a Taxi, or as complexed as a Charter Service. Your choice of service is fully catered to your need. Taxi's, Limo's, Van's, or even Charter Bus, B.U. App. Corporation can handle the job with a level of professionalism like none other you have experienced.

Delivery Service

With this service, again self explanatory with the only twist being what ever your imagination can think of. We will deliver to your door a hot and fresh pizza, or a copy of the Mona Lisa (With proper insurance the actual). We also deliver vehicles if they require towing to a Mechanic, or even directly to you as a new purchase. At B.U. App. Corporation, we also refuse to judge the item you are asking to be delivered. And what you can ensure with B.U. App.


Here at B.U. App. Corporation, we too believe in Gremlins and know that some times our electronic devices break down, that is why we also offer services that repair and get rid of those Gremlins such as

Personal Electronic Devices

We at B.U. App. Corporation have professional tech-support members with the knowledge and know how to fix a multitude of devices from Cellular Devices, Computers, Laptops, Monitors, Tablets, Printers, and yes, our professionals can also fix Home Appliances that covers Dishwashers, Garbage Disposals, Refrigerators, Televisions, and Washer/Dryers. If it has power, then B.U. App. Corporation has the ability to keep it on.


As a valued customer of B.U. App. Corporation, we are all too familiar with event planning and scheduling and the hassle it entails in finding the right Baker's, Barber's, Caterer's, Clergy (Wedding), Cosmetologist, Decorator's, D.J.'s, Florist, Live Entertainment, Performers, Photographer's, Tailor's, Seamstress Valet's, and Venues not to mention the time it takes to do all of the above in a timely matter and at a value affordable to you personally and/or your company expense. As such we at B.U. App. Corporation offer

Peace of Mind

We'll handle everything and make the presentation directly to you our valued customer for final approval.


Here at B.U. App. Corporation, our major industry in this business has been all about the Health and Beauty Industry as well as Personal Fitness and we are still a major leader in this field. As such we offer:


Today with all the different hair styles, it is good to know there is still a barber there to keep you high and tight, give you a fade, Mohawk, Completely bald, or even custom designs as only done by a professional barber. The best part of this Barbering Service, it can also be brought directly to you at your location.

Physical Fitness

Have you ever wanted to have your own "Personal Trainer" now you can, in what ever field of Fitness you are looking for, Cardio, Muscle Tone, Abs, Weight Training, Yoga, or even Martial Arts, what ever training you are looking for, B.U. App. Corporation has the perfect "Trainer" for you or your entire company with proper stretching techniques prior to starting the job for the day.


This field covers a barrage of things such as updo's for entire wedding parties, layers, perms, highlights or complete dye, B.U. App. Corporation has you covered, but let us go further, manicures, pedicures, waxing, bleaching, tips, and of course partial and full body massages, and just like all of our other services we offer, this all can be done at your location by trained professionals. A personal service you are not able to get when going to the salon, the peace of mind and comfort of your own personal location.


Here at B.U. App. Corporation, we are all too familiar with the day to day issues of improving that which is in need of improvement and also leaving alone what is perfect just the way it is, but we also always remember, the Customer is always right so we offer the following services in Home Improvement

General Repair

So your basement has more water than your bath tub; There is a crack outside your home that looks like there has been an earthquake; There has been an earthquake; Baseball came through your window; Somebody broke your window/door. All of these repairs are all part of the General Repair Services and we at B.U. App. Corporation have the trained and professional contractors that excel in just this type of repair and service and can have your Home or Place of Business back up to standard in no time.

Add A.....:

So you want to create a new Office for your Home or Business, then allow our trained and certified contractors to come to you and make your wish a reality, even if it starts off with the color to your liking we "Paint" With the services we at B.U. App. Corporation offer, we can find that qualified person to add an office or room, build you a deck, or even install a swimming pool if you so desire such. Got a new vehicle and need a place to store it, we can also add extensions to any structure and will assist you with getting all required permits to make it happen.

Critter Control

Nobody likes uninvited "pest" that is why B.U. App. Corporation offers state of the art Pest Control Services using both chemical deterrents as well as all natural defenses. We are also proud to say that we offer Humane Relocation Services of those "pest" that are masked and invade your dumpsters and trash bins. Whatever the pest, we have a service to fit and meet your need in any location you desire.

Maintain My.....:

Here at B.U. App. Corporation, we have knowledgeable and qualified members within our reach to come to your Home or Place of Business and maintain even the smallest of items, grass, weeds, shrubs, or even snow removal, But we don't stop there, we can also make sure your septic tanks are draining properly, your water pressure is at the proper P.S.I. and that your fence links are all intact so your four legged family member can stay where they belong or to keep the unwanted four legers out of your area all together. We even have trained technicians who will look after your HVAC Systems, your Hot Water Heaters, and yes even your Insulation in your attics. And then most importantly, we have fully licensed electricians available in the event something refuses to come on when you request it to do so, who yes can even make your Home or Business smart with the latest in connected devices that operate through your personal electronic devices or even at the call of her name "Alexa" There is nothing our qualified technicians can't do to keep your Home or Business up and running as proficient as it should be without the little issues coming back to haunt you because if you are going to do it, do it right.


Something new and cutting edge has found its way into B.U. App. Corporation that we are certain will be a huge success to you are valued customers. A Personal Assistant


Lost a loved one, come from a divorced family, parents live too far away: These are all struggles we deal with on a daily basis, and some times we wish we could have that home cooked meal from mom/dad or we wish mom was there to discuss with us about a situation, or even get some fatherly advice. The first ever of it's kind, B.U. App. Corporation can offer exactly that with our MamaMia/PapaPia Service, a Mother or Father can show up where they are needed and requested to take care of a subject that you would have asked your mother/father to handle may it be cook dinner, pick up the grandkids, fire up the Bar-B-Que Grill, take me fishing/hunting, teach me how to sew, watch the kids, and the list goes on and on. If you can ask your parent, you can trust behind asking B.U. App. Corporation to be there in those times of need.

Personal Secretary

How many times have you wanted to dictate a presentation, or a personal book, even a spread sheet made for meetings and events. Now you can have that person available at your soonest contact to B.U. App. Corporation. The title says it all, the person of your choosing (Male/Female) comes to your location and takes care of all the secretarial duties you would ask done that can include reaching out to a client, making personal emails, or answering those annoying calls while you are trying to unwind and relax.

Errands Managed

Got dry cleaning that needs to be picked up, groceries to get, kids to get from school to day care, dogs to be walked, need two of you. At B.U. App. Corporation we too understand how stressful 24 hours can be when there is not enough time in that 24 hour period to get all the things done you need done.

B.U. App. Corporation is all you will ever need from now until forever as we are daily updating all of our services to ensure you will be covered in all your needs and desires. And to help make sure we are up to date, B.U. App. Corporation is also looking for trained and qualified sub contractor applicants. If you possess a trade or skill that you feel like could be in demand to today's ever changing lifestyle, don't hesitate to contact us as well and speak with one of our highly motivated recruiters who will research your qualifications and let you know if you are the person we need within our employ as we are also an Equal Opportunity Service Provider.



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