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This End User Agreement is between the User, hereinafter the (Client), the BUAPP hereinafter the (Company) and the (Provider) of whom is fulfilling the services requested..

By use of the Company and their services, you the Client agree to the following terms and conditions of the Company.

These terms and conditions state:

Any direct contact between (Providers) and (Clients) after services have been requested to the Company, are strictly between the two parties and any reflection from either party will not be adjudged against the Company i.e., Complaints, Discrepancies, or Delays in Service.

Clients are responsible for making appointments responsibly at a legitimate time that they (Clients) agree to have services performed.

Clients will be allotted a 12 hour window in which to cancel any services they have prior requested and ordered "OR" Client thereby agrees to forfeit in the amount of $20.00 for lost wage and time to the Provider that will automatically be billed to the financial debit card used in the initial hiring of services.

Providers will be given direct communication with the Client within 2 hours of service being requested from the Company so to allow the Client to know when and where services will be provided, as well as current location to when the arrival of the Provider will commence. It is the Client's sole responsibility to advise the Provider of where services will commence.

Communication with the Provider shall include all transactions going through the Company only, there will be no personal services provided to the Client without the knowledge of the Company and will be punishable in a Court of Law as a Breach of Terms and Conditions..

There are "NO" private services allowed to Clients ever and if any are discovered by the Company, this will be punishable by law as a Breach of Contract between the Provider and the Client and legal action will be sought against each party. "NO EXCEPTIONS."

The Company is the full owner, and the Provider is an affiliate of the Company and is not to be hired privately. This will constitute a Breach of Contract and legal action will be sought.

Services performed by any of the Providers available, are the sole responsibility of the Provider and any disputes before or after services are performed will be between the Client and the Provider. The Company assumes no responsibility for any such services.

By the submitting of your (Client) information and upon the clicking on the "I Agree Tab" Client thereinafter is in agreement of these End Terms and any change within them is only at the sole discretion of the Company.

No affiliate, private citizen, or Customer of BUAPP can alter or change these terms and conditions.



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